DWQA QuestionsCategory: Animal IssuesA client asks: “On behalf of our dog, I am reaching out to you and Creator. As you know, our dog has already been struggling with her legs and hips. We did a lot of healing on her behalf and this seemed to help. However, yesterday, to our surprise, she injured her other leg as well. We are confused about this recurring train of events that hold her back. She is only 2 years old. A Higher Self Channeling would be of great value to help us understand the true causes of her struggling and how we can best support her. Is it possible you can do a Higher Self Channeling for our pet?” What is the reason she continues to have leg injuries?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This, too, is karmic, is connected to the history here with injuries you know of that has been plaguing this young dog for some time. This is the legacy of karma in action that is always a powerful force to reckon with and can take quite a lot of time to heal fully. You are doing well in working on this animal and the healing is ongoing. That is not the same thing as getting a quick fix and a quick cure for the problem. As you know, many people suffer from maladies lifelong despite extensive healing work done on their behalf. That is the nature of very, very, deep karma. It is somewhat less likely to happen with animals to that degree because they are better at healing themselves spontaneously and so do not tend to incur long-lasting injury and karmic damage that carries forward with tremendous strength behind it. Most things that carry forward can be healed in the subsequent life, but this is not always the case. In some instances, if there has been too much reinforcement in between, the physical condition will be quite persistent and will be a force to reckon with to dial back and obtain a resolution with disappearance of symptoms. This is what is taking place here, that the persistence of some symptoms keeps the issue alive in the dog’s awareness and that is contributing to the difficulty. It is a kind of cellular memory problem at this point, and as you know, that is the most resistant type of misalignment because it is out of mind directly and within the body itself. This is difficult for the divine realm to fully undo when it is also supported by the mind. The higher self will be key in making changes to resolve this, so a channeling with higher self could help provide further insight that will give a measure of greater understanding for the family. This work simply needs more time and some coaching by the higher self can be of value here, as well as a direct entreaty for greater assistance.