DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA client asks: “Since your email, there has been an incredible amount of chaos in my life. Around my birthday, my landlady intentionally poisoned me, my dog, and my flowers with nerve poisons, knowing full well I have an immune disease with anaphylaxis. Most of my flowers are damaged or killed, but thankfully, my dog was overall not exposed like I was. I’ve been really sick and have been on many remedies and IVs from my allergy doctor. I’ve had to flee my apartment for safety and go to a temporary place until I can move to my new place September 1. My temporary flat isn’t ideal as it’s not peaceful and I’ve been harassed by the neighbors and noise disturbances. Moving is quite stressful for me especially since I’ve moved over 20 times in 10 years often due to toxic home environments, and over 30 times in my life. All I’ve ever wanted was a safe and loving home. There’s zero stability in my life, and my new place will be unfurnished and I have no idea how to manage it as there are no social supports here I’m allowed access to. I do still feel targeted and attacked on some level especially related to my wife and sexual hijacking (we are sadly separated due to all the paranormal interference). I’m asking for help where I can, but I have no support network or friends here in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language well. I’ve tried reaching out to various people for just some compassion and support, and what’s worse than being poisoned is the fact that nearly everyone, many whom I thought were friends, completely ignore, dismiss, shame, or reject me. It’s absolutely bizarre and shocking, and I have no one supporting me. Seems my path is to be a hermit and mystic, among other things, but I don’t know how I can survive when I don’t have resources for basic needs. In the past month, I have been sexually harassed on the street numerous times, once physically, and once aggressively, stalked at night when I walked home. What tends to happen is any time I attempt to heal or get some help, there’s a backfire. While I have had some profound signs from certain beings, there’s no positive change or relief, and often the signs are very cryptic. There’s so much more that’s occurred I can’t begin to recount. I’ve been doing a lot of healing and resting and spiritual work and Feng Shui cures on my end. With my health and all the chaos, I’m barely able to function and really struggle cognitively. It just doesn’t stop. My body, mind, and soul seriously need a break. My life and health only decline. I am willing to be patient, but when I’m regularly faced with dangerous if not deadly situations that cause me great distress or harm, it makes me wonder if I’m missing something or if this will ever change. It does really feel like there’s something about me that’s a direct threat, and that I’m being blocked from my sacred gifts and birthright. Curious what you think about this update and whether you have any ideas.” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

These are all accurate descriptions of continuing to be targeted for various acts of manipulation and mischief to undermine her, to reduce her quality of life, to create uncertainty and, indeed, chaos in her life that will hamper her and prevent stability, let alone create conditions allowing her to truly enjoy life and reach a state of happiness that is lasting and rewarding. This is most unfortunate but represents the cards she has been dealt. She is a person of significance from having been a lightworker in other lifetimes and the interlopers are seeking revenge for her good works by wanting to sideline her and diminish her in the current life to keep her in a limited mode where she is largely ineffectual in influencing the lives of others for the better. Nor can she help herself greatly, because her circumstances are not under her own control, it is the people around her who are causing the difficulties and they are being manipulated by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to be negative towards her, indifferent, neglectful, or to attack her directly in some way.

We are continuing to work on this with the Lightworker Healing Protocol but it will be some time yet before we can expect this to be reined in significantly. This is because there is a high level of negative interest by physical beings who want to harm her, and that is the hardest thing to reverse. It will take a great deal of healing yet to accomplish this but the key is to have her drop from the list, so to speak, where she is given a regular review and new mischief and mayhem arranged. There are ways we can introduce misdirection to spare her at times and this can grow in effectiveness to the point where she is left alone, essentially, as they move on to other targets exclusively, and then she will be out from under this overlay of manipulation. We are not there yet but we are working on it.