DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AbductionsA client asks: “When I had what I’ve for years been calling out-of-body experiences, there was one time I had the choice to stay. I was so very confused at the time by what was happening to me (and thinking I was with angels) I thought this meant I had to die. I chose to leave, reasoning that to stay I would have ended my life. At the end of the experience, I was back on the couch at the house where I was staying, and the window’s clattering snapped me out of it. The rattling sound seemed to move around the home. This part was so very much physically happening, that I have never been able to be truly able to convince myself that it was energy from experience.” What actually happened?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This again was the aftermath of alien abduction and you were instilled with what is called a “screen memory” to create a substitute for an actual visual recollection of the aliens manipulating you, and instead seeing an object or an animal, or some kind of token representation of a form that may be non-human, but not threatening, and a misrepresentation of the literal truth of who was interacting with you during the experiences. This is done to further maintain secrecy and to confuse the experiencer and keep them off balance, so they do not put two and two together and understand the true meaning and purpose of what they have been involved with. If it seems fragmentary to begin with and then something that seems to have no deep meaning or understanding, even though there might be profound emotions surrounding it, it will be dismissed as unimportant after all, and that ends curiosity and further inquiry that might reveal something is going on with this young person and raise suspicion and further inquiry.

This rarely happens as most episodes of this kind are dismissed by parents, and being disbelieved, their children will give up sharing any awarenesses they have of the unusual occurrences they live through. This is most unfortunate because there is always healing needed because the stresses are real, and the consequences emotionally can be quite profound.