DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AbductionsA client writes: “Blood in middle of bed, upper and lower sheets. Also small round dots of blood on corner of pillowcase and on sheet below center of pillow [describing a photo she sent]. My mouth is sore inside in that my teeth hurt like I was seriously clenching my teeth together. Just noticed that this morning. Been very tired and low energy. Just laying around not feeling like doing anything. I think I was visited and messed with last night. I wish I knew by whom.” What happened to cause these events?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This, in fact, was an extraterrestrial visitation and abduction both. This is most unfortunate but will happen on occasion despite best efforts to maintain safety. This is part of the difficulty faced by divine realm that when people drop their guard there must be an allowance for all that happens as a consequence. When this is done through manipulation, that still counts because it is a karmic event the person has become vulnerable to because of a series of events putting them in harm’s way. It is similar to the decision to come down into an incarnation to begin with. One is simply signing on to take risks and that will be unavoidable. So this is an example of a subsequent event that was unplanned for, and undesired, but nonetheless befell her because she is in the land of risk. So there is not much that we can do in certain circumstances to prevent things happening in total. We were able to help shield her from the trauma to some extent, and that is a blessing as well.