DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmA client writes: “I had a life changing event in my early 20’s. This was not the first but by far the most compelling and set me on a path that has lasted my lifetime. I need to find out what exactly happened to me. Up until a few weeks ago, I had come to the conclusion that I experienced out-of-body occurrences. I believed that maybe I was delving into the inner soul or other dimensions, even perhaps angel energy. What was going on?”
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

These were indeed out-of-body experiences and this was due to the desire you had within to revisit the higher astral plane and reconnect with the divine, feeling quite unhappy as physical human and denied your old status as a full-fledged light being, and feeling nostalgic and yearning for your soul family back in the light. So you went on these journeys as a way to induce variety and to seek some kind of closure for the separation you were undergoing coming into the realm of physical human. This was not abnormal. It was simply a choice of the young mind to seek freedom and upliftment.