DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerSource Creator would the following prayer be recommended and be a benefit to the divine plan if promoted among those who follow the misguided teachings of [name withheld]? The Prayer for these followers: “Source Creator (or your preferred term for the Highest Divine Source), please partner with me every day to heal the hearts of all who wish to harm humanity. Remove all their dark intentions by filling them with Divine Light and Love. Raise up all to be in Divine Alignment, for the Benefit of All. Please repeat this request on an ongoing basis until these aims are achieved. Thank you.” The hope is that this prayer has the desired effect and does not make a bad situation worse by enforcing their belief in something that may not be intended for their highest and best good.
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

You have seen intuitively the weak link here. All of this is quite fine except for the injunction to remove the darkness from them. This is a direct request to go against free will and to change these beings unilaterally. While there are some things we can take away, and things we can deflect, and some things we can work to heal, we cannot simply pluck things out and put something back without there being some permission or an allowing of this through an act of will from the intended beings involved. So this simply needs to be reworked to be an ongoing upliftment to restore a love perspective within them and to do all healing needed for this to happen. This gives the divine realm clear instructions with broad latitude to approach the problem using any technique or strategy they may feel most appropriate for particular needs, but the end result is the key, that what is desired is to render actions that are in divine alignment and cause harm to no one.