DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA client writes: “I have had myself and my property checked and have recently had an accident while on the ladder (my fault I think) but, would like to know if I have created a wound on the property and do I need to clear property and myself again? While in hospital, (for 2 days) I became aware, that I have a history with accidents and ladders.” What can we tell her? Are these assessments correct?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

You have not done any harm to the property per se but have had a close call, so to speak, and this is naturally creating some inner emotional turmoil. Such matters can produce quite serious consequences, as you know, and this will inevitably stir up past karmic events that have a tendency to not only give pause to the deep subconscious that worries about your safety first and foremost, but also, may represent a karmic re-visiting of the energies to bring about a similar circumstance. In this case, there is a karmic parallel but the idea here is not that you are destined to have a calamity befall you. It is simply doing what karma does, and this can go in either direction, it can lead to a recurrence of tragedy, or it can be worked on and healed so the karmic energies are satisfied and a person avoids making a misstep to send them into tragedy. The latter is what is taking place here. Your perception of the event being meaningful in a deeper sense is correct, but all that needs to happen is a restoration of confidence and equanimity that you have weathered the episode and that the karma is now satisfied with your resolve to take precautions and to be respectful of the risks involved with the undertaking you participated in.