DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA client asks: “Considering all my behavior (positive or negative) since I came across the Lightworker Healing Protocol work, how is my healing proceeding then, now and in the future?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Your healing depends on the divine realm working through the large interrelated numbers of events that have transpired across time to create the karmic backlog that is in your way now. Your recent history is piled on top of much from other lifetimes that constitutes a burden and a backlog of healing needs. This is what is taking time to bring your emotional state into better balance. You have leaned far out over the edge in a certain way that creates great tension. That is not easy to tame and will not happen quickly. This you have experienced right along and we understand your misgivings. There is a need for patience here and an awareness that even though you might feel no different, it does not mean the divine realm is not on the job working away to undo the harm brought to you in the past. It is very much an ongoing enterprise and is going on continually.

This is a vast unwinding of energetic interactions by many, many players. This is the reason for the time needed; it is the complexity, not the depth of the difficulty or the karmic penalty aspect. It is simply the number of interactions and the overall complexity of their interdependence that is the consequence of many souls coming together and bringing their own issues to bear, all of which needs to be considered for the ongoing changes needed to bring you back into balance. Many others need to be reckoned with to not disturb them unduly for your sake or vice versa. You would not want to pay someone else’s penalty, so that is not fair to inflict on others even though you might benefit and have asked for assistance while they have not. Things are going as they need to go. Your contributions, in a positive and negative sense, are not a major impediment at this point. You always need to want the healing work to be done and can in fact shut things down if you choose because your word is law when it comes to your welfare and your situation. If you stay open to the healing going forward, it will, and that you can always count on.