DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA friend of my client says he continues to struggle: “His job requires that he use software on a PC to dial people, do a presentation, etc. He has been having all kinds of problems with it not working to the extent that he bought a new PC last Thursday and did fresh installs of the software, etc. Today it is still not working on the new PC. Everyone around him is using the same software without problems. He is spending most of his time talking to computer support for the software to no avail. Can you please ask Creator what is going on here, and what, if anything, will help the situation?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The answers again are prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol work with the third option being additional subconscious channeling to more directly address the inner beliefs creating the vulnerability when in new settings affecting career success and productivity. As we told you before, karma is the issue he struggles with here from past lifetime experiences of difficulty and that has not yet been tamed. It is in progress, and unfortunately, he continues to struggle with the symptoms created. If you keep going with your healing work and if he reinforces this with prayer work from his end, things will ease.