DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “Do we get detox symptoms from the nano-tech leaving our bodies when we start doing the Lightworker Healing Protocol and including ourselves? If so, what forms would this take?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

There will not be a detox effect per se. These devices can be readily deactivated with no overt consequences to the host. The only thing that may happen is a reacquiring of further implants if the person is not careful and minding what they ingest. There needs to be a strong and vigilant ongoing desire for protection that is supported by one’s own actions to not simply be reckless and assume the divine realm will fix things. People need to avoid actively any likely sources of contamination and maintain regular prayer work—being proactive is the best defense here. If people are careless, the consequences must be allowed by the divine realm.