DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA practitioner asks: “I recently performed several Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions on a woman who developed strong flu-like symptoms right afterward but had no temperature. I did finger testing and asked another practitioner to do the same and we both came up with the same data, that it was a karmic reaction. Step 4 of the Protocol works to dissolve all karmic contracts and heal the karmic energies arising from them, which I imagine helped mitigate her reactions as she didn’t come down with the temperature.” Were the flu-like symptoms she developed related to a past life traumatic experience she had with a deadly flu?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This was, in fact, her inner awareness of a karmic imprint from the past exactly as you perceived, a serious violent flu episode that was so debilitating it ended up causing her death and she was helpless to prevent harm to an infant who perished as a consequence. That is why the episode in question was so very painful, it was so intertwined with her own feelings of guilt and responsibility. This is a good illustration of the burdens people place on themselves—it is one’s own self-judgment often that is the biggest enemy of accomplishment thorough healing. The partial reflection of symptoms is more in line with seeing the consequences energetically of the particular episode rather than an actual energetic signature and full representation of the physiological changes within the body. That is why the symptoms were partially correct but not a total and full display of everything that took place. This was an individual who is very touchy because she has a great inner sensitivity to such things and will tend to relive them too greatly, but this is all the more reason to get the healing done for her because the potential for her to self‑torment is high. This session will prevent this issue from manifesting in the future and that is worth the short appearance of some of the symptoms of the prior episode.