DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceA practitioner asks: “What are the karmic implications for a Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner if they do a session that has been declined by a client anyway, or don’t do it even though they perceive a need?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

If people perceive a need, but their offering of help is rejected quite strongly, they are ethically bound to honor that person’s decision. If there are indirect references to something of this kind and the person simply reflects pessimism, then one still has some latitude to do a request of the divine realm to step in. It is in situations where the specifics of what you have in mind are conveyed, and with that knowledge and understanding the person expresses a strong dissenting view, that the ethics demand surrendering to that person’s disbelief, so in that instance, you will not be held accountable nor have a karmic debt as the attempt was made to do an outreach.

This teaches lessons about knowing your client and knowing the likelihood of cooperation or rejection in advance because it is still possible, if you do not put it to a test, to be an advocate for their betterment if it is not left up to them to make the decision. As you know, the latter will often be a bad idea. Many people will reject what is good for them out of ignorance and are underserving themselves and perhaps even sealing their fate but do not realize this. To allow someone who is out of alignment, in effect, to condemn themselves to further difficulty, torment in life, and even a possibility of severe illness or an early passing through denying a divine outreach that could save them from these difficulties, is most unfortunate and creates a karmic dilemma all the way around.

When someone denies the self, there is a karmic debt and a consequence, both. If, as a practitioner, you go against their wishes and provide healing anyway, this is a minor breach in the sense that you are simply ignoring their wishes, as a person out of alignment, and initiating a sequence of events launched by the divine realm on their behalf. So you are not taking action as a human to go against their wishes, you are simply going up to God and asking God to sort things out and, if possible, apply as much healing and help as can be done. So, in this sense, you are sidestepping the issue—you yourself are not carrying out anything against their wishes other than turning the matter over to divine realm to make the decision. So if there is a go-ahead, it is the divine realm who makes that decision to go against their conscious desire. You are in the chain of events here, so karmically there is a trail that includes you in the sequence of things that happen and the consequences, but there are far greater evils than wanting to be of service and having a clear understanding of possibilities than other people, and are simply wanting to help.

So we cannot recommend anything in the abstract here except to say: “You can always pray for anyone, for anything.” And the same is true for the Lightworker Healing Protocol—it is a question of the precise sequence of events as to what may happen in terms of the complexity of entanglements. If you go against someone’s wishes, go behind their back, do something of this kind and they find out, you will be causing harm and there will be a consequence energetically. You will certainly create an enemy to some extent and that will register, but again, the overriding consideration is the person’s welfare and a well-intentioned outreach to the divine realm on their behalf is simply appealing to a higher authority wanting the divine to weigh-in.

If you leave it in the hands of the divine by doing a session and do not inform the person, you will not be creating an insult, and thereby an injury, nor rousing undue fear in them or cause anger and resentment that you are ignoring their wishes. It is when there is a clear negation of the exercise and you proceed to carry it out and they then find out something was done, you are creating a double wounding in going against their wishes and then attempting to cover up the fact, so this is a slippery slope indeed. We have done our best to indicate there is some latitude here but it all depends on the details about what is said, what is done, in what sequence, so the precise circumstances create varying degrees of liability.