DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “What if someone does a Lightworker Healing Protocol session for someone they will never meet in their current life, for example, in the case of a Spirit Rescue of a famous person. Does this mean the positive karmic imbalance might lead to future incarnations where they will have interactions with the being in question?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Your question is based on a false premise. You are thinking about anything that comes to you constitutes an obligation. So if you are harmed by someone, you have an obligation to repair and rebalance that, or if you harm someone, that will be true as well. But then also, if you receive a blessing and you receive a benefit, you will need to repay that and return a blessing or benefit to your benefactor, but the latter is not the case. This is the beauty of a system where love given freely can work magic and, in effect, rewards all involved through the act of giving. It does not create new obligations, in an energetic sense, of someone who receives love from another. It will motivate them and stir their inner “love muscle” to want to reciprocate, but it is not an obligation to do so that would incur a penalty if not attended to. That is because love is lofty, it comes without penalties, it is given freely and generously by the giver if it is truly of a high vibration, and not something that is a mixed message or intention of wanting something for the self in order to bend to meet someone halfway, and act like the better person because there are still some inner misgivings or resentment still unhealed that is limiting a person from acting through love without reservation. So you need not worry about owing someone or being owed, such that it would cause you problems. When the world is improved, it is safer and a happier place, and all will benefit.