DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaA student asks: “If Wi-Fi and cellular phone technology is effectively a plan to drown us out spiritually with subliminal and overt mind control and brain washing (e.g., overconsumption, hyper-sexuality, materialism, technology is everything) is it better not to use them? Obviously, there is duality – if we cut technology, we can’t be on Get-Wisdom and many other things, for example, and we give up the field to those who want to lead people completely away from the light. Will prayers of protection prevent the risks?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

The prayer of protection can do the job fully, provided the one doing the prayer request has 100% belief and believes in their worthiness for divine assistance, as these are the minimal requirements for a divine intervention, even for a single person in need. It is not a function of their helplessness, their suffering, their pain, their being a victim many times over, as is often the case. It is solely governed by the person themselves in being ready and capable of mounting an actionable prayer request because of those requirements. This seems harsh to many we understand, but it must be this way because this is the test for you as a group to see—can you stand strong, can you maintain a divine partnership, and be in alignment, and unwavering, and a protector of the self, and a guardian of one’s soul, and love one’s self, as well as others? These are skills in the art of living, and are the birthright of all—to the extent one falls short—is a function of healing needed.

So, many will not be able to protect themselves, and this is unavoidable at the moment. But others can do it on their behalf, and hence the need for more healers to help cover the human populace, as a whole, through an aggregate effort. You have quite a way to go to reach that degree of benefit, but until that happens, there must be a mechanism for intercommunication to spread the word and to bring information to as many humans as possible.

So, the manipulation by the interlopers, via the technologies, is their intrusion and corruption of the technology and not inherent to the technology itself. So, it is no different than what they do to the human genome, to disrupt and cause malfunction in the interior hardware, and to limit what people can even think on their own. This is very analogous to the manipulation, via thought, using extraterrestrial psychic intrusion into the subconscious, and the subliminal programming messages done extensively through the media, and so on. All are a way to drag human down and all have some impact. So, there is good and there is bad as you so rightly point out in the technology itself but there is no need to throw the baby out with the bath.

With prayer work and with healing, able to counteract a significant percentage of the intrusive harmful aspects, the benefits will, in the end, outweigh the disadvantages. It is largely a problem that so few, at this point in time, know anything at all about the downside and the dangers posed by these manipulations. Once there is greater awareness and people are taking action more and more, not only to help themselves but to help many others, by doing some healing outreach to benefit them, then there will be an eventual tipping point reached when the divine realm can weigh in much more heavily, and bring things to a conclusion for the better in this contest. This is what we want to see for the divine human, and you are moving directly towards this goal in everything you do in contribution to knowledge and awareness, through your efforts using the Lightworker Healing Protocol and the Prayer Requests.