DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19A supporter asks: “A university researcher in the UK has analyzed information from the United States Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System showing that the COVID vaccine manufacturers providing vaccines to the United States have been releasing at somewhat regular intervals certain numbered vaccine batches that have resulted in remarkably high numbers of deaths, disabilities or other adverse reactions, in comparison to other batches which have resulted in very few or no deaths or serious reactions. Has any of this data or its analysis resulted from manipulations? Have the interlopers or their minions begun a program of “doctoring” some of the vaccine batches to make them more dangerous? What is the divine perspective on the accuracy and meaning of this data and its analysis?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

It is not the case that batches of vaccine, in particular, have been doctored in some way to make them more problematic. Keep in mind, the extraterrestrials want people to be vaccinated. What they have done in putting their marker chips is completely passive and undetectable, and will have no effect on human behavior or well-being, it is only a tag to make them easy to find using alien technology in the event of an annihilation being launched. They do not want to do something to the vaccine to make the vaccines undesirable and pulled from the market. At the same time, they do confound people’s thinking by ramping up anti-vaccine sentiment, because this causes people to fight with one another and they love the action in seeing confusion and fear, and growing animosity, and political divisions, and simply can’t help themselves even though those actions work against the vaccine program, to some extent at least. The marker chip is a convenience, not a necessity for them to carry out an annihilation, so they are not really cutting their own throat by causing confusion and having some people resist getting vaccinated because of their propaganda.

There has been an exaggeration both of COVID-19 case numbers as well as the occurrence of adverse events, and this is for a variety of reasons, partly the technological means of doing testing as well as the way records are kept, and the political manipulations done by the interlopers to exaggerate heavy-handed actions by the governments to clamp down on society, and to greatly increase fear of Covid in the populace. The major reason for that is not because the vaccine is so highly dangerous it must be avoided at any cost, but rather a desire to disrupt society and cause a financial collapse when people are afraid or barred from going to work due to lockdowns. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is a crude tool at best, it has many inaccuracies, and there are a number of individuals who are, frankly, amateurs drawing conclusions about the data that are publically accessible, and not understanding what they are looking at and making wild assumptions that some batches are highly dangerous and others not, when they are simply looking at selected portions that come in, in batches of listings, that may be from areas where demographically there are higher death rates from many causes, and so those who have been vaccinated carry that association.

We have said before that these are misinformation campaigns that are being overblown and are simply not a meaningful exercise. The data simply must be looked at as a whole and not in bits and pieces where one can find all kinds of groupings that look peculiar. Some batches of vaccines have been dispensed in areas where there is no Covid and some have been given in areas where there is a very high level of illness—one cannot simply use fragments of raw data to draw any meaningful conclusions.