DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA viewer asks: “Also, the Mercenary Army Program (MAP) seems positioned as intermediaries – taking instructions from BOTH the aliens directly as well as members of the human elite? Who has the most direct high-level contacts, the bankers or MAP members?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

Your associations here are hypothetical and largely not reflecting the true workings of things. The reason is that the MAP are essentially foot soldiers. They are not involved in planning, but only execution under direct orders by the extraterrestrials themselves with mind control manipulation done in a very heavy-handed way to guarantee cooperation and then a suppression of memory thereafter. The overall planning of what events take place are largely governed by Anunnaki marching orders and that is done among the extraterrestrials themselves. The human minions in the MAP are the last to know and are not told the truth about their mission in any case, but a subterfuge of some kind to make it more palatable. They will be given a false story and then coupled with suppression of their own moral instincts will simply carry out the mechanics of what is ordered and will not be in a mental state where they can assess the appropriateness or morality of what they are asked to do. The bankers are involved with finance alone and not with any other aspect of extraterrestrial involvement. There is a high degree of compartmentalization and this is very much true of how things operate with the alien bloodline in human form only knowing so much about extraterrestrial plans and the members of the alliance sharing information for tactical purposes, but not always being fully forthright about motivations and side projects that might be secret they are developing, and so on.