DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaA viewer asks: “Are self-driving vehicles, which include planes, trains, and automobiles, part of the evil plans of the dark forces? It would seem they could be interfered with technologically to cause mayhem.”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a quite correct perspective and is emblematic of the reality that all of your advanced technologies owing to insights obtained through the advanced extraterrestrials have a downside, and that is why you are allowed to have them and their use even encouraged by your culture. They will keep away from you anything truly beneficial but allow and even encourage many, many technological approaches that have within them an inherent drawback, a poison pill, a long-term health degradation, or an environmental undermining in some way so it will backfire one day and come to be regretted. It is very much the case that autonomous vehicles will have within their designs an ability to be subverted from a distance through technology, so in one fell swoop all ability to use existing modes of transportation could be nullified to make humans sitting ducks in support of an annihilation. It would certainly bring commerce largely to a halt and lead to mass chaos when people run out of food and other needed supplies because they will be undeliverable. The same liability exists with people employing the GPS systems for navigation. They, in effect, are allowing a machine to do their thinking for them and before long no one will know how to read a map, nor will maps be available especially on electronic screens if those, too, are sabotaged. People even possessing a vehicle may be greatly hampered in not being able to get from one location to another on their own. This is the consequence of becoming dependent on technology.