DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaHe continues: “What can technology employees working on projects producing self-driving vehicles do to help alleviate any and all potential future problems these systems could cause? Or is it better simply not to serve on such projects?”
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

There will always be a karmic penalty from being involved with any enterprise that ends in harming others. This is true of every level of society but is difficult to avoid because all of your institutions and systems have been corrupted, so all are working inefficiently and with mixed agendas. This is true of the educational system, health care, manufacturing, entertainment, and so on—all are part of the corruption because all are corrupt, if only subliminally through imparting deep inner beliefs within the deep subconscious, so all are unwitting participants in the farce, so to speak, so this cannot really be helped. The best one can do is to partner with Creator through daily prayer asking for the highest and best outcomes for all, and for all to have support, guidance, healing, and protection, including the interlopers wanting to cause harm, to negate their efforts and uplift and save them as a high priority. There are very, very few places people can go to stay above the fray because all are part of the vast enterprise of suppression and subjugation of humanity, wittingly or unwittingly.