DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA viewer asks: “Are the souls that are incarnating into ‘bodies’ in a seriously impoverished country (e.g., Africa) fully aware before they incarnate that they will likely suffer and die very young from malnutrition and/or disease?”
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This is very much the case. Even launching into a new lifetime destined to result in much difficulty, challenges, and eventual painful suffering can be preplanned to happen despite the obvious unattractiveness from a human perspective. The reasons this happens are due to many karmic agendas to allow a rebalancing and reworking of energies launched in prior lifetimes. It may be a similar life where suffering took place and even early death that compels the person to face the similar trials and tribulations until healing can surmount the difficulty, or the circumstances accepted without surrender of the soul, or a compensating factor in doing an act of loving kindness under the most trying of circumstances which can serve to obtain a rebalancing on the spot of many severe trials and losses.

There are many ways to pay the piper, so to speak, of one’s prior misdeeds and shortcomings, including the weakness to surmount a challenge or an attack—all are life lessons, some may be considered quite unfair, but the purpose of life is not to reward the weak, but to make the weak strong. This is best done through having a taste of adversity to understand fully its consequences and to steel the resolve to do better in future incarnations and thereby learn by doing, how to surmount such challenges and to prevail. This is the goal of enlightenment after all—to make people ready for anything by virtue of gaining the wisdom to navigate difficult waters and come out on top with renewed strength of purpose and clear vision of how to proceed in a way to make things better than ever.