DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationA viewer asks: “Did you hear about BARS and Access Consciousness? The founder of that channeled from some beings a set of points on the head that when you touch them it heals karma or something. Allegedly it releases cellular memory. I think I will add that too because I feel there’s something going on when I do it. Although I’ve heard there’s some like “corruption” involved in the higher stages of that community, the “BARS” itself are okay.” Is this process helpful and does it work as advertised?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This is, unfortunately, a disinformation campaign to piggyback on the advent of Access Consciousness and its proponents. It is a further corruption of thinking to misdirect. It parlays prior discussions and descriptions of acupressure points and the application of touch to key places in the meridian system to create an energetic shift in the way energy is compartmentalized and communicated among layers of the body, but that does not mean every such illustration and demonstration drawing on those ideas will have effectiveness and, unfortunately, this representation is overreaching greatly.

There are always energetic consequences in applying energy to a being but that is quite limited, in most cases, in what it will do. There needs to be an intelligence being applied, a predefined protocol to do this in a way that matches reality in what can take place. That is what is lacking here. It is a false idea to begin with so no amount of elegant descriptions and promised benefits will create that reality. People will be working under the benefit of wishful thinking, and so may experience a placebo effect but, as there are better and more elegant ways to deal with issues like cellular memory, to rely on a false idea simply to get a placebo effect is wasted motion and a lost opportunity.