DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationA viewer asks: “I think a second round of channeling with the aim of much more specific questions concerning Law of One details would be very beneficial for all (or at least to those willing to keep an open mind). Given that I have carefully studied the Law of One material for years, I am more than willing to help you with extracting/suggesting lists of questions. You may select those that fit to your line of inquiry more. Then it should be insisted to be answered in sufficient details. Clarification should address what is true within that material and what parts are distorted and in what extent/way.” Is this a worthwhile undertaking? What can we tell him?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

He is clearly passionate in his belief that the Law of One is of value. This we fully understand because it has many divine principles in its wording. The problem is it is ancient wisdom served up in a newer setting. That is useful as far as it goes, but not an ultimate answer in taking people where they really need to go. It is more a beginning level of preparation and growth concerning being and staying on a divine path. There is much here about balance and fairness and such general concepts, but it does not deal with the specifics of the problems humanity truly faces nor the specific ways these problems can be healed and healing brought about for the deep woundings accumulated through the ages by human beings coming into the physical arena again, and again, and again and meeting up with travesties perpetrated by the interlopers.

We have said a number of times that when a body of knowledge is being presented by the interlopers themselves it will carry their energies along with it, so it is, in fact, dangerous to immerse oneself in such teachings because there will be inevitable links to the interlopers and this invites their scrutiny and further manipulation of the would-be acolyte. This is most unfortunate because it is essentially a contamination of good ideas with bad energy, but this happens again and again in all spheres of human activity, that the productivity of human ingenuity, scholarship, and even genius in all fields of endeavor get manipulated to shift meanings, to limit further pursuit, to misinterpret deliberately the take-home message, and to rework application in a way to minimize its benefits through encouraging a misunderstanding of its applicability and in what ways it could be further pursued to reach deeper truth.

This is part and parcel of the ongoing subjugation. So we would not want to participate in supporting various segments of this body of knowledge because it would, in the doing, encourage people to study the Law of One. This will just happen because people will not appreciate the nuance here, that we can only stand behind a portion of the material and in fact it would be impossible to separate this from the interloper entanglements because most likely, people will go to other sources of the writings after you draw their attention to it with a pat on the back, and then all bets are off about how it might be utilized. Many will find it satisfying because it rewards the messages given again, and again, and again about positivity and seeking upliftment and enlightenment as the end goal. But in the absence of problem-solving to overcome the barriers, that is what is truly missing, it puts people back on that treadmill and this is why we would decline from providing any encouragement for the study of any body of information like the Law of One that may have its origin in divine teachings but has become corrupted along the way. It is much, much better to start with fresh uncorrupted source material and go from there.

You can suggest to this individual submitting specific questions about the Get Wisdom material, perhaps seeing through the lens of something in the Law of One that seems to be in conflict, or perhaps reflecting in some way an enhancement or extension of understanding. This would have the benefit of utilizing further insight to good advantage to further the contributions we are helping you bring forward, but having it focused on the Get Wisdom teachings per se, and not another source by name that is tainted by association.