DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsA viewer asks: “If the Pleiadians are a future extension of the Reptilians, then it assumes that the Divine Human has also succeeded at least in part. What would the future version of Divine Human look like in physical form? Do we refer to ourselves as something else?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

You will not be in physical form nor are you physical in the future life extension. It is a place of higher vibrational existence that presupposes a successful avoidance of the annihilation that is underway in the ramping up phase to soften humanity as the target. You will be known for all of time wherever you go as “The Divine Humans who solved the problem of evil” if you are successful in your mission. Whatever you might be called as you move among worlds, it will nonetheless be evident and unmistakable to all you meet that you have this pedigree. That is the reach of the light being, to know such things, and why things will be much easier because one cannot keep secrets, and anything out of alignment will not last for long without receiving much high-level attention. It will be much simpler for you to assist the many other worlds, who are yet to embark on the free will paradigm, to stay on track in a better way and be less vulnerable to the extremes that have happened in the physical plane, starting with the dark spirit meddlers who have dragged everything down to such a low level.

But this presupposes your success and is not a guarantee. There is a future extension being created from everything that happens and, in fact, there can be multiple such future extensions with respect to the players individually, so this creates a good deal of complexity but that is the nature of existence, it is far more complex than you appreciate at present. This is nothing to be concerned about, you are used to this already when you are a light being, and it is more an advantage by far than a disadvantage; it is the engine that makes things go, in fact, that there is a looping of time and the possibility of experiencing a simultaneity of existences in various ways and timelines that are existing in parallel simultaneously—that adds a great deal of variety and in itself is a source of added benefit in adding to the knowledge base in ways to sharpen and hone skills when you can be participating in multiple things at once.