DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsA viewer asks: “I’m wondering if the polyvagal system was genetically tinkered with to allow them to more easily control humanity through fear and trauma.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
In a sense, you are blaming the fire alarm for making noise during a fire. The nervous system provides the physical wherewithal to experience one's existence as a physical being, on a physical level, with physical symptoms that have physical consequences, that can be physically observed, and physically pondered by the brain in response, as an exercise to reason out what is happening, and why, and what steps might be taken to make life better. What happens with the nerves or not, does not change the fact the world is a troubled place and there are many agents of evil out and about, brought forth by the interlopers and the dark spirits seeking to harm any and all they can. The fact that humans are spiritual beings being expressed at the moment in an animal body is simply a fact of existence. That makeup was designed from the outset to have a robust stress response as a survival mechanism that is essential. That was not created as a perversion to turn the body against the self, even though at times it is like a messenger causing a fatal outcome attempting to warrant that danger is approaching. There are many reasons for the apparent mismatch to us, with respect to intensity and appropriateness of the physiologic response to stress, because the settings are quite diverse. The makeup of an individual is highly variable, with some being quite strong and resilient, others tragically fragile and vulnerable to emotional overwhelm. It is the ones who are taking on heavy burdens and a large degree of suffering who are under study by the scientists and physicians wanting to help, but not truly understanding where problems come from and their true nature. So this depiction of the vagal response to stress as a culprit is a kind of upside down view of things, somewhat akin to blaming the heart for being weak in having a heart attack when it is only crying out for help from being oxygen-starved, and the fact that it is in a weakened state is caused by forces outside of its control.