DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaA viewer asks: “Is there a question proposed to Creator yet about the validity of thorium-based nuclear power plants, and why were the initial plants and plans dropped?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This has not yet been asked about through your channel but is a good question to raise because it directs attention at a viable option that has many advantages for safety and environmental considerations as well. So this is something we see as very worthwhile and, as we feel that nuclear power is one of the safest and best alternatives overall, considering the minimal pollution and operating risk when done carefully with high standards and rigorous oversight by trained personnel, focusing on one of the best ways to exploit this option is much needed because it will help to temper the fear of the Environmental Movement that is created in people by addressing some of the criticisms, and these include not only greater safety, less pollution, but lower cost overall.

The reason this has not been widely embraced as yet is sinister. The Extraterrestrial Alliance does not want you to see ways to make things better and embrace them and benefit, but to misdirect, confound, confuse, and disrupt progress at every turn. The most conscious proximal reason for the lack of widespread support for thorium-based nuclear power is, indeed, the military perspective, that the end products of such nuclear facilities are less useable for producing weapons-grade nuclear byproducts, and people throughout government and the industry itself see that as a win-win because the government and military, both, will be highly supportive of nuclear energy and the proliferation of nuclear power plants throughout the nation, and this consolidates not only the benefits but the job security for the workers and professionals needed as personnel.