DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReligionsA viewer asks: “Rebuilding the ancient temple in Jerusalem came to my attention from a Christian friend. The Jews are planning and ready to go, even planning to mint coins with the image of Cyrus and Donald Trump on them. As I’m sure you know, no one knows when or if the temple can be rebuilt, since the purported historic site is the Dome of the Rock, also a key Muslim site. Rebuilding the temple would fulfill biblical prophecies in the old and new testaments, and I understand that both religions see it as necessary to ushering in a new age and the arrival/return of the Messiah. Can you comment on this? Will it cause war when or if it might be done?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

We cannot speak to a potential timeline here. This has been desired for many, many years and has been put on hold because of the inflexibility of those competing for the location and the likelihood it would lead to war if steps were taken to move in and exploit this territory in service to one of the parties, so we do not wish to take sides in this contest. We do not see this as necessary to the fulfillment of human dreams, and continued presence on the planet, or their future as spiritual beings. This is an oversubscribed notion that a sacred temple needs to be supported and recreated at all cost, and is largely being encouraged by external manipulation from the interlopers knowing it will inflame passion and inflict the continued and ever-present awareness of this sore point on all involved.

This is one of many points of friction that has been exploited, again and again, to create human turmoil by the direct participants in these two warring factions, as well as sympathizers from all around the world who empathize and back one side over the other in this contest. It is one of several trigger points that could lead to wide-scale conflict and deadly warfare that could drag in the superpowers, so it is a dangerous game being played. Healing is the answer, and if it comes in time, in sufficient level of energy, will prevent a catastrophe from unfolding.