DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationA viewer asks: “There is channeled information that a massive energetic transformation is physically shifting our solar system and we as humans are helping to anchor it in, to create a new age of mankind. Is this a typical example of the New Age manifesting type dialogue to constrain lightworkers in a “do nothing” state of being?”
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This is not a misjudgment or misalignment in a serious way but, like so many other teachings of a New Age character, it is very narrow in its focus and excludes the most important and relevant things you need to know. As far as it goes, hinting at the promise of ascension with the shift in energies of the universe and that it is about humanity and, in effect, you are calling it forth and so participate directly in what takes place—those meanings are accurate. But if the reality is that the entire process they describe is wholly uncertain because humans are not ready and are being hindered actively by interlopers to not only thwart their progress, but destroy them, one would come away from a discussion with quite a different understanding, yet that is not what they can provide.

They see only a future sunrise. The sun will set many times before that eventuality and whether there is the dawn of this great new day is uncertain at the present time but will depend on each and every human to be in alignment and be ready—they are not, at present. Much healing is required, with the first order of business the removal of the interlopers so healing can continue and proceed in earnest unhindered by an opposing force. So this information is not only of no value, it serves a dark purpose to create complacency—thinking people are doing magical things simply by being here.