DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA viewer asks: “When my grandson was about 3, he had a blood capillary infection (I forgot the medical term for it, but it shows like chicken pox, but mostly at the lower body and not itching, then turning into colored bruises). I was told it can be from vaccination and a short time after, I saw that this illness was added by the FDA to the vaccine insert as a possible side effect (I forget which vaccine it was). He has been fully vaccinated since early on. I would love to know if that too was a manipulation by our pesky friends.”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is a karmic recapitulation of prior lifetimes where he was infected. The vaccine triggers a body memory that is transmitted from the akashic records in response to the sensing of the antigens within the vaccine itself and the body is reproducing a simulation of the prior lesions. So it, indeed, is a consequence of vaccination but is not a particularly serious side effect. But it is a demonstration of the paradigm we have described in great detail concerning the continuity of life from incarnation to incarnation and the fact that all experiences register within the akashic records if there are any karmic consequences in the way of difficulty or blessings, and those will be revisited and will play out again in subsequent lifetimes until healing is obtained.

So this is not an interloper induced issue per se in contaminating vaccines in terms of a contaminant. There is certainly pressure to make the vaccine done in as harsh a way as possible and there is no way around the fundamental reality that all of the pathogens for which vaccines need to be created and made available are brought here from other worlds by the extraterrestrials and inflicted on humanity as unnatural species from an alien source. So the very need for vaccination to begin with is the result of extraterrestrial manipulation of the human realm.