DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA viewer writes: “My mom called to tell me that she’s having a party with my niece, nephew, his new wife (she’s pregnant) nephew’s mom and brother, and my brother. She didn’t call to invite me, she called to give me a heads up in case I find out about it without her telling me first. Okay, that was weird, but I’m kind of used to my mom and my brother not letting me participate, that’s been a lifelong thing. For Mother’s Day, my husband’s two sisters, his daughter and his niece, and his mother all got together but went to great lengths to make sure I would not find out about it except I did. I think everyone’s either embarrassed or they don’t care enough to comment on it. These are the people I have gone to great lengths to help, each and every one of them, without giving it a second thought. I’m just wondering, am I really that off-putting, disgusting, is there something about me that makes people recoil?” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

What you are seeing is the reaction of people who are heavily programmed to run away from people like yourself. You are involved with open-ended thinking, unconventional approaches, the spiritual, the paranormal, and so on, all of which are taboo as dictated by routine mind control manipulation of the masses on your planet. Anyone who thinks like you do will tend to be avoided in mixed company. Once they have checked you out and seen you are different, their programming will kick in to find a way to disengage and move on, and not spend time with you. This becomes a habit if you are dealing with family where it is impossible to not encounter them, and being a challenging person who marches to a different drummer, so to speak, will make them uncomfortable as a consequence.

Keep in mind that is the mechanism here. It is not you they don’t like; it is that they are being made uncomfortable by a part of their mind programmed to create inner tension and a desire to withdraw and avoid you. This neatly describes the behavior of your family members who have long ago learned how to steer around you, and hardly think about it being strange they are doing so, it just seems natural and routine. They simply cannot help it because it is their reality and has become habit to treat you differently. This is simply the price of being different in your world, it will be noticed and most will not warm up to you because their programming is sending them in the opposite direction with opposite intentions.

To some extent, healing can help with this but it is difficult because the people themselves know nothing about them being subjected to such manipulations and believe their programming wholeheartedly. That makes it hard to simply remove or turn off, because it must be considered a free will choice by default, because they are doing it and following their instruction set. So this is something, in the end, people will simply have to live with in most cases because they will not be able to talk their family members out of this reaction. The more you protest, the more you insist they act differently, the more uncomfortable they will become, believing their program instructions are correct, that you are a potential troublemaker and a danger even to them, and that will not help the situation. It is best to live and let live, if you can get away with this, even though it is not rewarding or satisfying to be on the outside looking in.