DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingA viewer’s brother is suffering with what’s been diagnosed as a lung complication of rheumatoid arthritis and it has worsened to the point he is on oxygen. He also has Barrett’s esophagus. His wife has a diagnosis of Parkinson’s dementia. What besides the Lightworker Healing Protocol for spiritual healing can be done for them?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

As with all human beings, Protocol work will be highly advantageous. It will do many additional things beyond working on these primary health goals. Whether they can be tamed is another thing. The situation here for both is the degree of advancement in severity that has taken place. It is always more difficult to reverse something well-entrenched than at the first sign of symptoms. The ideal would be to repair the karma prior to any symptomatic evidence of a disturbance. That is the greatest virtue of using the Protocol, it will prevent many more things than it will resolve within a current lifetime. It is not that the latter cannot happen, it is that it can take quite a long while, so time may run out before the benefits are in place. That is most unfortunate but is a characteristic of what is in place and the formidable challenges to change a person’s makeup when severe alterations have taken hold and become the norm, so to speak, so healing is always good to launch no matter what the prospects for visible improvement might be. They would also benefit from subconscious channeling but we understand this is a time and resource-intensive undertaking and many, many sessions would be needed here as well to have a chance to turn the tide.