DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)ABC News reported: “A section of a strategically vital Ukrainian dam and hydroelectric powerplant under Russian control has been blown up. Ukraine and Russia are blaming each other for the breach.” Why was this done, and who was behind it?
Nicola Staff asked 12 months ago
This is intentional mischief from the Extraterrestrial Alliance working through human beings belonging to the Mercenary Army Program who are unwittingly complicit, as minions carrying out orders for military-like and terrorist-like actions of all kinds, and then given a memory wipe to retain no recollection of their part in evildoing they bring about. They have minds manipulated to act in a kind of robotic fashion as Manchurian Candidates, literally, who will carry out complex maneuvers on command, of the most vicious and horrific kinds, but will have no personal emotions about it and then will forget what happened, because it is carried out by a separate part of the mind conditioned to act robotically and only summoned on command, and not be a part of the person's memory bank they can access. The loss of this dam is injurious to both sides here and that is a good tell, because it leaves each side assuming, logically, it has to be the other party behind it even if it makes no sense because it will harm both parties. Humans will always accept and assume the prosaic explanation because, after all, who else could one blame? This turns up the heat and increases the hatred on both sides, and is a prescription for a worsening of things that always will happen as a result of more human suffering, and that is what this will bring about. It is no benefit to Ukraine or Russia but a loss, and a loss to humanity as well in increasing the likelihood of a cataclysmic worsening of the war. The additional advantage for the interlopers here, beyond adding insult to injury and more suffering, is that this makes it even more difficult for there to be a peace agreement to end the warfare which many have advocated in seeing the war dragging on and on with no end in sight. The interlopers want to keep it going, and worsen it into a World War III, if possible—they are in earnest and they usually get their way, up to a point, so things can get quite worse from here.