DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsAre all accurate channelings successful because Creator applies a translator as done for my sessions, or do some intuitives have the ability to connect and channel on their own accurately?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Creator is not involved in the work of most channelers. This is why they fall short. They are using their own energies. They are using their own inner capability to send out their non-local consciousness and lack the precision, the ability to focus and aim it in the appropriate way, and have the purity of essence to reach their intended target in a way that can be answered. When the intentions are not pure, the divine realm will back away and not engage because this would be rewarding a dark purpose. Even though not severe in nature, nonetheless it will not serve the person and if that is the case, divine realm will not participate. They cannot actively engage to cause harm and so cannot be used as an instrument for inducing a decline or degradation of human performance or experience. This, as you see clearly, is an impediment for making progress in developing channeling capability. It is sort of like making a quantum leap. It is not possible for most individuals, so the best one can do is work their way up to it, and take the risks involved, and be prepared to do some cleanup and cleanout on occasion.

When other beings may penetrate the energy field as a consequence of an impure outreach during this learning phase, it just will happen, and is one of the inevitable complications and trade-offs in developing such capability and must be endured and countered effectively to keep the channeler free from negative consequences. Very few channelers will have the special translator of Creator bestowed because Creator will not intrude and will certainly not reward ego or any kind of dark motive with extra power and participate through that energetic support to foster its utilization and amplify the negative consequences of the impure thinking of the channeler.

This does not mean that all faulty channelers are defective or lacking in character in some fashion. There are many subtle requirements for successful channeling and few even recognize the hazards, so will never develop the discipline required to stay pure and stand strong and above the fray and thus avoid the pitfalls. It is just simply another example of how readily people are sidetracked and are brought to a situation where they fail out of ignorance. This happens with many human endeavors through want of a deeper understanding of what is required and how to develop the requisite skills to be successful. The information is simply lacking—not that it is all that hard or impossible. Channeling is very demanding in terms of spiritual accomplishment and alignment to have divine support. It is more that humans lack the awareness and the discipline to approach it in the proper way to foster success.