DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlAre the extreme behaviors exhibited by those on the left being willing to suspend the very idea of due process in preserving the rights of the accused until proven guilty, driven by mind control manipulation as a clever means to undermine their credibility and thereby gain more support for the Trump administration?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This we have addressed and is very much the case. It is routine and becoming more blatant and more obvious in its workings with the extreme nature of behaviors on display and the difficult to understand, let alone justify, actions taken by many in embracing improbable circumstances and with lack of evidence, making sweeping conclusions and pronouncements that cannot truly be defended, but yet are professed adamantly and with certitude wholly unwarranted by the lack of facts. All of this shameful conduct is a hallmark of extraterrestrial mind control which is a superb tool to manipulate people into all sorts of actions that they themselves would find shocking when in a clear-thinking mode once again, but under the spell of the manipulation, will do or say anything asked of them.

This happens over and over, but human nature being what it is, people will not confess after the fact, they may have inner misgivings at most, not realizing they may have gone too far, but will still believe themselves to be in the right because the manipulation is not switched off, it is maintained because that serves the exercise. To have people become aberrant in their conduct, and then suddenly gain their senses back and realize something strange was happening to them, would be too risky to the enterprise. So once tainted by manipulation, that needs to be kept in place, and for the most part, that is not difficult because the people are chosen for the role to play based on their sympathetic nature to the conduct and the aims behind it in the first place. So it might be taken to an extreme but will not truly be out of character. That, too, preserves the seeming plausibility, that this is just the tenor of the times and the way things are and perhaps a cultural sea change underway calling for new ways of thinking and acting.