DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWas the Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, actually guilty of assaulting Dr. Ford? If not, what was the source of her belief in making this accusation?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

He is completely innocent of this presumed crime and so he was sincere in his reactions and his righteous indignation. The source of the accusation is a manipulation within the woman to put his name and face to inner fears and a belief within that something has happened to harm her. This was orchestrated by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to plant this notion within her in the past so that it would be recalled in the present and used as a weapon to manipulate perceptions of voters and create a ruckus. They do this quite routinely, being able to travel through time. When there is someone they want to perturb, they can go back in time and create a desired past circumstance and then it is recalled by the person in the current time and will be to them a historical event that actually took place, and then things proceed from there.

In this case, there was never an assault. The idea and memory were instilled within her as a manipulation and tied to his name and face, and then was brought into her conscious awareness at that point and appeared to be a memory inexplicably resurfacing many years after the actual event itself. So this was an implanted memory of a crime that never happened, done through time travel manipulation to conveniently be on record, and to cause her to come forward with further mind control manipulation, and then others as well being manipulated to act on the information despite its incomplete and undocumented and uncorroborated nature. That, too, was supported through mind control manipulation as well as the many extreme attacks and pronouncements and exaggerated responses of an extreme emotional nature, and the many condemnations and presumptions of guilt launched again and again throughout the media to castigate the nominee and taint his name and image. This was the game being played and it was indeed to be an extreme display of bias and a very harsh, punitive, and in the end, irrational self-serving act of hatred and prejudice to be seen by those not being influenced through the mind manipulation as quite unseemly and disturbing. This indeed is helpful to the current presidential administration and the political right.