DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)Are the following family members of my student [names withheld] members or former members of the Secret Space Program (Mercenary Army Program, MAP)? Have the multiple Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions done by this student on his behalf and that of his wife and four children helped prevent any more abductions?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

His parents, brothers, and grandchildren, are not members or former members of the MAP. His sister [name withheld] is a former member of the MAP but his other sister is not. The healing sessions have been working nicely to keep things at a status quo and avoid further entanglements. This is likely to continue as long as the Protocol work is maintained at regular intervals. That will be necessary because of the importance all members of the MAP represent to the Extraterrestrial Alliance and they do maintain contact and will actively manipulate their recruits when there is need to do so. The purpose of healing is to begin to unwind the relationship, so eventually they will fall from the roster and will be forgotten. At that point, they become truly free as they are no longer considered the private inventory of the Extraterrestrial Alliance and subject to recall and further manipulation. This is very much working by maintaining a vigil and keeping the healing going, and this can be done for the other family member as well, by having their work done in parallel whenever you do a session for others or yourself. This is the perfect prescription needed to keep everything moving forward and disentangle yourselves from any obligation or liability, so you will no longer be at any risk.