DWQA QuestionsCategory: Interdimensional ActivityOur client [name withheld] is skeptical about spirit removal as she has had disappointing results from other workers and wants confirmation we can see the problems bothering her family before paying us. She says: “All I know is there is a lady with red hair (and a black eye) and a man with brown skin as my kids keep saying, and a child, plus another lady with black hair and I’m not sure of the others.” What can we tell her about what is going on and the help she will receive from our proposed Lightworker Healing Protocol work?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a perceptive analysis of what is taking place in terms of spirit activity within this location. The simple fact of the matter is that they are living on top of a spirit portal, so there has been a continuous stream of spirits of all kinds coming through their location. And this has resulted in a number of attachments to them personally, as well as much activity in the environment itself. This is being perceived. It is easier to see the unattached spirits that are free-roaming than ones attached within one’s own energy system. The latter happens because the spirits are deeply buried within the layers of bodily energy, attaching to the chakras, and, in a sense, are somewhat masked from normal awareness, as one typically is not tuning into one’s own energy, but rather looking outward and beyond the self.

So this is why it is easier to see a spirit approaching or one attempting to gain a foothold to the outer reaches of the aura and find a way through the barriers, than it is to see a deeply enmeshed attachment intercalated in the energy of one’s self.

They will benefit significantly from having this corrected. They need personal cleansing and clearing and Karmic Repair for manipulations that have been ongoing for some time, as well as to free up the traffic and restore an energy of balance and calm to the location itself. This will help greatly with the impending home sale. People can sense something is off. At a minimum, it will simply just feel like this is “not home” and will move on quickly. The energy can, in fact, be changed to one of a welcoming and friendly glow that gives people a lift and encouragement to see themselves as living in the new environment because the “feel is right” and then the more mundane considerations are looked at to weigh the pros and cons. So this would be a very fruitful undertaking to give them the benefit of your assistance.