DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19Are the global prayers, as well as the Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions of all practitioners, heading to this timeline where the coronavirus can “suddenly vanish?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Both are having an impact to lessen the number of victims as well as to improve outcomes to lessen the severity and save lives that otherwise would be lost. Prayer is underrated, especially mass prayer where many humans come together in unison wanting something to happen. It need not be a simultaneous exercise, but simply that many people individually are reaching out to the divine realm for assistance and the betterment of humanity and that aggregate effort can be pooled together to reach levels of intention through this combination to make many miraculous things happen. If all humans were to pray for the virus to disappear through removal by divine realm, we would simply do it and that would be that. So while many people are praying, it is still too few to wipe out this pandemic entirely in one fell swoop, so time will tell how many can be recruited to join the effort.

There is an ongoing outreach by your channel to reach a wider and wider audience with the divine message of possibility and inspire many who have not engaged in prayer for a long time to return to the practice and encourage others who are not religious to become open to the idea of spirituality and work towards establishing a partnership with the divine for the first time. This would be a tremendous blessing and with sufficient numbers will guarantee human survival and that humans will flourish, and that even the potential for this scourge to reoccur again and again as an ongoing drag on the economy, human quality of life, and causing untold suffering and losses of loved ones can be trimmed back and negated altogether.

This is up to humans to see to. We cannot do it for you but we will respond to each and every request you make. You have been given the tools in how to pray with much greater power than ever before and how to request healing through the Lightworker Healing Protocol with greater power than ever before, but it is up to you to take action and use those tools to best advantage. We are cheering for you to awaken and embrace the task at hand and if you meet it head-on, you will win the day.