DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationAre the woman I worked on who was Joan of Arc, and the young man who was Moses, currently targeted individuals in their current life?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This is very much the case, and this is why you have seen they are struggling. So achieving a lofty status with one’s reputation, and even if based on genuine heroic contributions to the betterment of humanity such that they become an icon lauded all through history, does not protect them from the travails of the karma generated along the way. Keep in mind they have not been idle since their days of respective glory and sacrifice, they have had a number of intervening lives, each, that led to tragedy, misfortune, suffering, and failure, from their perspectives, and certainly not representing lives of progress personally or for the collective improvement of humanity. This just shows that a victor is not always victorious. Much depends on the circumstances in a given life, their starting point, the blessings that are bestowed on their family setting, their personal upbringing, their state of mind and degree of divine protection and support that have a myriad of influences, as well as the pressing importance of their life mission and its potential impact on things that will govern the degree to which they have an inner passion and motivation larger than normal and a divine support team in the trenches, so to speak, helping them along the way to become successful.

We do not play favorites; this is an energetic equation and much depends on individual choice. So if you are taking on an ordinary life, it will be plenty of challenge, as it is for everyone, but if you are choosing to become a leader and an example to others through a life of greatness, the demands will be heavy indeed, and this can call upon an individual to summon their utmost in terms of energy, commitment, diligence, and hewing to the highest principles of divine wisdom to stay on that path despite the difficulties and distractions and opposition they might encounter, and even at the risk of their own lives and reprisals directed against them and their loved ones. So as the aim is higher, the stakes are raised and the consequences become more uncertain because the backlash might be dire in trying to stop their efforts once they become noticed by the interlopers.

This is why all who have been in the spotlight will routinely be targeted again and again during all subsequent incarnations—because they are a known quantity, they have been dangerous before to the Extraterrestrial Alliance and are considered dangerous still because they have seen such individuals bob to the surface again and again even when suppressed and subjugated, so they are given extra special handling to subdue them and suppress their inner motivation to help humanity. One consequence of this is there is need for fresh blood always in the game, and anyone can step up and fill the void, given sufficient desire, inner inspiration, support, and an awakening to the true reason for their existence and the state of things in the current world needing their help. So this is not meant to discourage people from serving, only to show that heroes are truly heroic in all they take on and risk for themselves personally, and all this does is magnify the glorious nature and importance of all who have been successful in achieving good ends for the betterment of humanity; it is not easy and risks much, but will live for all of time as a testament to the light within their soul and who they truly are in terms of character and divine alignment.