DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsA practitioner asks: “Creator, as a light being, are we prone to exhibiting all emotions such as hate, anger, frustration? When we are in the light and going about our existence there, do we have frustration or other emotions when dealing with other light beings, or is it always love and peace and nothing ever goes wrong or causes pain and discomfort?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Light beings are highly emotional, but the range of emotions is on the positive side rather than the negative. Something that would anger a human would cause concern and compassion in a love being, and that light being would look inward for understanding and guidance in how to help the person who is causing discord in the moment recover their inner balance by being shown a solution, a path for love to return to them. That is the genius of the divine system, that it can truly work that well when unfettered, so light beings are at their full strength and capacity. When you have unlimited love to work with, there are no unsolvable problems, it is only a question of time and commitment to the goal required to make things better. It is far different an environment than the Earth where many high aims end in failure and many people prove to be unreachable in exhibiting their incorrigible behavior. Those who fall by the wayside through inner corruption, discouragement, and depletion, who surrender and give up, are simply showing the hazards and limitations of the earth plane where you start from behind, live in a state of ignorance, and have far less to work with, being so disconnected from the divine realm and your own soul. You will simply not have such problems ever again, once you graduate through ascension to your future state of being, planned for you.