DWQA QuestionsCategory: Animal IssuesBrazilian wildlife experts have been left baffled after discovering a dead humpback whale in the Amazon rainforest. The 10-ton mammal was found in the jungle undergrowth on the island of Marajo, which sits at the mouth of the Amazon River. Although scientists presume the enormous creature was hurled onshore during a storm, they do not understand how it came so far inland or why it was swimming off the coast in the first place. What truly happened here?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This is not something otherworldly. This is simply a whale calf becoming separate from its pod and then, through lack of experience, not attending to the normal migration for this species. So it is out of place, first of all, and then as a consequence of weather was left on the shoreline at high tide and attempted to return to the water but was unable to manage things, and tired, and eventually expired through exhaustion.