DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolIf we make an addition to the following request in the Lightworker Healing Protocol: “Invite all humans currently in the light, all extraterrestrials currently in the light, all the fallen angelics who are in rehabilitation, all the angels, archangels, and Creator, as well as all animals, elementals, Gaia, the sun and solar system, and all portions of their souls, who want the healing of humanity and its perpetrators, to add their intentions to ours…etc.” will that be effective in recruiting the maximum possible resources connected to these beings to aid our healing and rescue of the divine human project?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Another well-crafted question that sees to all the particulars, and the answer is a hearty “yes” that this is just fine and will do the job nicely. It invites the entirety of the soul, and there can be many multiple activities ongoing at a particular point in time and this will serve to call forth to each and every individual soul at all levels, and all expressions, at all times, and places to give the totality, and every portion allocated to independent activities at the time of the query, an opportunity to consider the needs of humanity and make a decision about direct participation or not with whatever portion of the soul is deemed appropriate to answer the call. This again allows freedom of expression and autonomy to make a free will choice without applying any pressure or manipulation but a simple heartfelt request for help, and that is a quite divine undertaking and will serve perfectly the intention.