DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerCan we effectively eliminate the “red tide” caused by poisonous algae through a prayer request, by using the approach in our prayer to ask the divine realm to do repeated healing outreach to Gaia until this menace is eliminated?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Indeed, this complete description of what is wanted would be an ideal prayer request in and of itself because it leaves nothing out. It states with conviction the complete resolution of the problem being the desired outcome and requests the divine realm to attend to this as an ongoing problem with diligence to see it is brought about. This is a far cry from a prayer just asking for the algae to go away or to have the algae taken away. The question then becomes—how much, and for how long, and how widespread an area is to be included in the cleanup? With so many loose ends and ill-defined criteria, the divine realm becomes rather powerless to make much of anything take place. It is much like saying you want something to happen but not saying in detail what it is. Even though it is in the category of algae cleanup, such a prayer will get paltry results at best and there will likely be no perception of improvement by most people affected by the problem.

This is why instruction in constructing a meaningful and powerful prayer request is sorely needed. There are still so many misconceptions because of poor understanding in how the divine realm answers prayer requests and how the divine realm operates in general. So this upgrade to prayer effectiveness will provide further teaching value for people in doing better in helping themselves and others through prayer.