DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerCan we use the approach to ask for repeated assistance in regular prayer requests for help, to invoke repeated divine intervention to take place until a problem is solved? Will that empower prayer requests significantly, as it does for our Lightworker Healing Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a beautiful, creative insight and is very much the case. It is quite feasible to make a prayer request with a message to act on that request repeatedly until the goal is achieved or the problem is solved. And that empowers the divine realm to maintain the energy often needed to make a difference when there is a serious issue ongoing, especially one with deep karmic underpinnings that are always more complex and time-consuming because of the need to address so many entanglements, and not cause disturbances to others not directly addressed by the prayer. It would not do to help someone by worsening things for another. So the unraveling of karmic consequences of many, many persons is quite a demanding and complicated maneuver and that is the reason prayer requests often take quite some time to manifest.

A successful resolution will be more likely when there are built-in requests for continued diligence. This marks the prayer with a much higher level of intention and sets it apart quite specifically from the many prayers that are a one-time thing—where there is concern in the moment because something comes to a person’s attention and they will launch a prayer and then will move on with their life and perhaps never even think about the issue again because perhaps it does not affect them personally. Their prayer request would be much more powerful and effective if they launched it with their concern of the moment with a further empowerment for the divine realm to keep on the mission until the problem is solved as a specific aspect of the request. This will enable the divine realm to keep going regardless of whether or not the person launching the prayer thinks about the issue again.

Many prayers will sputter and die out because they are no longer supported by intention. This is a very complex subject and has many complex factors involved in the equation. But in general, there is a kind of rank order in the energy applied to prayer requests to match in some respect the energy of the requester, how many may request the same thing in parallel, and so on. That intensity of the intention, as you can imagine, is highly variable and depends on the individual and many aspects of their makeup, including their belief quotient and belief in themselves.

These latter limitations as well can be compensated for to some extent by including a request the divine realm simply keep at the task and revisit it again, and again, and again. In this fashion, when there are other limitations present, more, in the end, will be accomplished by the repeated application of divine intervention than would be the case stemming solely from a single request at the outset. Many requests with weak intention will accomplish more than a single request with weak intention in the same way that many requests with a powerful intention will accomplish more than a single request with a powerful intention. So, in effect, what is being requested here is for the divine realm to start anew on a repeated basis with whatever frequency is specified. At that point, each initiative will go back and survey the initial request and the intention behind it, and that will govern the reach the divine realm can implement to address what is desired by the requesting human.