DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)Can you also expound on the fear of death?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Death is merely a transition. There is no death for human because you are an extension of a soul that is a form of consciousness that persists. It takes on many forms and has a variety of potential expressions, all undergoing at once. The human being you feel is you is but a small extension of your soul which is a vast consciousness, and an entity in its own right. It is in another dimension but it links to you and informs you with its composition and a set of potentials that govern who you are from time to time, moment to moment, with an array of choices that come your way. And how you respond will be reflecting the soul composition that is the uniqueness that it represents. Each immortal being has a soul composite that is unique to them.

This was Creator’s plan not to have a series of clones, virtually identical and therefore predictable and also somewhat limited in variety of expression. The plan was to have the maximum possible array of soul compositions to create variety and richness and a quite wide landscape of possibility. So when you leave here with physical death of the body you return to a higher state of being as a wider soul extension. This you call light being, but it is still a part of the soul being expressed and coalescing, and a functioning unit that has a role to play and has many, many options available to come and go and express itself, and to interact with many other soul extensions in like fashion. Death is a kind of liberation and if you knew entirely the implications of this, which do extend beyond your understanding and imaginings, you would view each death with great, great celebration.

The course of things is truly inverted, the birth is a stepping down. Coming to earth plane is a tremendous challenge of great difficulty and entails much suffering in almost every case. That is because of the nature of the ongoing tug of war, not the way it was designed to be in its ideal manifestation. So birth is a setback, death is a liberation, and we say this not to encourage its hastening. You have useful things to do here and important things to do. You did come with a plan and an agenda and have obligations to your soul itself to see to these, and to not short circuit this learning and growth process. All of the adversity, all of the suffering serves you enormously in ways you do not yet understand, but are part of the expansion. You cannot be an expanded being and not understand the opposites that go along with everything in creation. The entire universe is created to be a balanced system. Every new undertaking causes some imbalance. It can move in a positive way or in a negative way but always must be compensated for, and with that, will have consequences.

So everything you do affects everything else and this will go on forever. So you need never fear death. There is no death for you. You are immortal. You cannot be killed. You cannot be suppressed. You cannot be eliminated in any sense, in any way. Your human body is fragile, your soul is not. So you are at risk of losing your human expression. But you are always the extension of Creator and Creator’s consciousness, that will always be so. And we can promise you that we treasure you. All are loved without exception and all are understood in a much deeper way than you can, seeing but a snapshot about yourself and its long heritage, let alone those around you, where they come from, and who they truly are and what their potential holds.