DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)Can you expound on the idea of freedom and the fear of death?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Freedom is what you make of it, totally. In your world human is king and decides the limits of freedom. We set the universe in motion to have certain laws, and within those so‑called laws of physics lie the parameters you can work within to manipulate energy and to create through your consciousness. We support you as independent creators and the limits come from those around you who are on a lower level who seek to corrupt and constrain you. The freedom is often an illusion because no human alive today is a free agent. All are constrained, all are limited by the limitations of those around them. The very laws you create, the restrictions on movement, the rules and complexities involved with movement, with national access, and citizenship and on and on, are all interwoven with multiple agendas, some above board and visible, and many that are hidden and enforced surreptitiously through dark means.

So the idea of freedom is a very indeterminate concept, and will depend heavily on what you do with that freedom from moment to moment. You are in charge. You always have been in charge and you always will be—in the human plane on your planet. It belongs to you. It was designed for you, and it is supported for your benefit. If others take it away, it is because you let them do so. You have choices before you and so that is a freedom you still enjoy. It is very precious and is not to be taken lightly. The implications are quite dramatic and quite serious. You have a glorious future or you have annihilation. You will choose one of these. It may be quick or slow, on either side of the equation. But those are the two potential outcomes. So the destiny of humanity is totally up to you.