DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesCan you differentiate for us what is accomplished with a Soul Reawakening versus requesting a Soul Reset?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

As we have mentioned to you before, the Soul Reawakening is a kind of Quantum Healing for the soul. It does many things to help realign energies and make up for the distortions that accumulate over time with many woundings occurring in life after life, so this is a clean-up at the soul level. The Soul Reset is a kind of rewriting of history and will affect all levels of the being and is a more extensive undertaking. It is a question of degree to some extent, but it is a good idea to incorporate both.

The Soul Reawakening can always be done because it is a kind of broad but somewhat more superficial soul healing. So some good will always be done regardless of the circumstances of the individual client. The Soul Reset, on the other hand, being more drastic and a deep intervention may or may not even be implemented and so the consequence of making a request for a Soul Reset may be that no additional healing takes place. The inter-workings are overlapping and are somewhat analogous to the use of subconscious channeling with Trauma Resolution along with a Soul Reset.

The one does not render the other useless or unnecessary in the same way that a subconscious channeling with Holographic Memory Resolution can help pave the way for a Soul Reset to be more readily enacted and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the Soul Reset. Doing the Soul Reawakening acts the same way by getting things more in order and many things attended to prior to the implementation of the Soul Reset. This will help the latter go smoothly and will be maximizing the effectiveness as well.