DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerCan you give us a useful prayer to help people cultivate their belief in the divine and partner with Creator more effectively?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

We are delighted to do so. This is, in fact, the number one problem of humanity at the present time, that so many have drifted away from faith but also are only making a halfhearted effort or following practices that are misguided and often work in a way inimical to their own interests. They are following dogma that is promulgated by corrupt institutions in many, many, cases. While their hearts are in the right place and their prayers will still be heard, they limit themselves in the words they choose in not realizing there are higher things that can be achieved. When the heart is truly open and the divine can come in, that is when the miracles happen and the true inspiration flourishes. So we would simply recommend the following to help cultivate belief and build a partnership with Creator in all that happens:

“Source Creator, fill my heart with divine love and grow my desire to partner with you in all I do in my life, to shine your light and to be in the flow of your love, and help me to see this in action and have the awareness strengthen the partnership, so I am always learning and growing and moving closer to you.”

Your thoughts were perturbing things a bit and this is understandable with the time pressures, the last-minute inspiration to reach out, and some inner self-doubts. As you know, and we are well aware and see often, you harbor doubts still. That is not a bad thing. It is your truth detector at work, and this is worth mentioning to others as well. We do not want to see people marching in lockstep, taking our words blindly, never questioning anything, never probing, and seeking, and wondering about what is truly happening, but simply proceeding blindly based on yesterday’s knowledge and words from on high. Things change and evolve over time.

The rigid adherence to divine proclamations, though divine, they will not always serve because times change, culture changes, the approach that is best for today’s world will become antiquated to some extent with the evolution of knowledge and growth of society and its progress. Even if there is a worsening, there may be a need for a change in tactics, and this can only happen with an ongoing dialogue and participation, interacting in a dynamic ongoing way with Creator. This is what is meant by a divine partnership, and it will best serve everyone to become their own prophet, so to speak, through having a way to reach the divine and obtain knowings, inner inspiration, as answers to their needs.