DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaCan you give us further insight about the couple who contacted me for help with the tension experienced in their relationship? Will this be helped by our healing work?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

These two have had many prior lifetimes together. Most recently were several in a row where there were intense feelings of competition struggling within a family setting for dominance. That theme has played out again, and again, and again, and heretofore has resulted in bad blood between the two that was unresolved. That is the reason for the return of these feelings in the current life together. They once again are feeling the old animosity, the points of friction and discord rising up within that have no apparent conscious explanation. That is why it cannot be resolved easily. There is nothing to hold onto, nothing to point to, nothing that will help them understand the reason for the very strong feelings, so there is no easy way to set it right. This is best dealt with through the kind of healing you are launching on their behalf to undo the past, literally, by going back in time by the divine realm to right the wrongs of those other lifetimes and help restore a kind of equilibrium and feelings of “live and let live” instead of a “do or die” fight to the finish. The healing will take considerable time because of the large buildup of negative energy that resulted from these prior lifetimes of struggling against one another as enemies. That is never easy to fix but always takes time to undo the many hurts caused along the way and the great imbalance imparted by the large degree of negativity generated from both sides.

The two are equally at fault here in the sense of contributing to being out of alignment and not on a divine path during these times of discord. This is why it is so upsetting to them and so disconcerting to you in observing the state of affairs. It is also inexplicable to you because there is no obvious reason for tension to be present, but that is simply seeing the current life only and not appreciating the past history which has been considerable and had many dark moments. It is not their fault or failing. This was due to inner corruption by spirit meddler attachments to get things going, and once one had wronged the other causing them to seek revenge, the die was cast to have a kind of civil war with each party vying for dominance and a series of reprisals that only engendered further reprisals, a kind of blood feud, so to speak, and in the minds of both seemed fully justified because the thoughts would go back to the most recent insult, slight, or act of revenge and that would be enough to get the emotions stirred up and set in motion plans for a further reprisal. Such contests never end well, they tend to worsen so the damage increases with each new round of consequences until someone finds a way to seek a higher path and does some act of forgiveness to help restore the normal equilibrium where, if not love that is being exchanged, at least mutual respect and consideration. That will not only restore order but heal the wounds from the events in question setting this contest in motion. This will take time but will be ongoing continually, with repeated sessions to work through the many times and places when one harmed the other and then had a similar consequence befall them.

In such circumstances, the only way out is for someone to “cry uncle” and change their tactics to disengage and then take a higher path, and by disengaging from the contest provide not only some breathing room, but a desire for something better that starts healing in motion, and that eventually can solve the old problems and help both sides reach an accommodation, stand down, and then return to alignment with the divine more successfully, and this will restart the flow of love energy and raise them up so they can avoid a repeat from being triggered and starting another war. This will take time but the healing is underway.