DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReligionsCreator has talked about Jesus and his divine mission and how he was murdered for being a beacon of light for humanity. Creator has not talked much if at all about his resurrection, as the Scriptures do. Was he truly resurrected and lived on?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

The story of Christ’s resurrection is quite accurate, as far as it goes in lacking many details. But the important elements are on record, that he did rise from the dead because his body was restored to life, and he ascended for a time to have a consultation and to plan the events following his return in physical form. So he left and then reentered the rejuvenated body with his consciousness, and the stories of him presenting himself to his disciples with the prior wounds still intact are accurate and true. This was done for effect. It was done specifically to send the message that the teachings of religion about the existence of the immortal soul all possess are true, and Christ’s mission was one of reminding people of the purpose for their existence and the role they needed to play in life as ambassadors of love from the divine, and for the divine, and to embrace and raise up all in the human family. And that is why it was a message of outreach, tolerance, forgiveness, and love, and not one of rebellion, confrontation, and attempted overthrow of anyone in opposition.

The role played by Jesus Christ in his sacrifice for humanity is a perfect metaphor representing the quandary of humanity today, where the interlopers have designs on your world and want you all on a cross, so to speak, to kill you rather than have that happen and perhaps return to encourage a few stragglers about the afterlife. It is far better to prevent the mass death through a mass healing effort, using Christ’s example of love and forgiveness to spread the word that darkness is at hand in need of a solution, and the answer is partnering with the divine as Christ did during and after his life was taken. All can emulate his mission because it is truly one of making a personal connection and commitment to the divine and making clear to the divine your wishes for a better future and what you would like to see happen. The more informed you are about your requests, the more the divine can do in contributing to a solution that will be effective to forestall the worst of possibilities and ensure continued human growth and success.