DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceYou told us: “Keep in mind under the rules of engagement, human is the king of your domain so we must play a subsidiary role, a supporting role, unless invited to spearhead an initiative for the betterment of humanity and the things you contend with.” Is this a clue that we can ask for more, or ask more effectively, than we are doing through the recommended prayers and the Lightworker Healing Protocol? Or are they already good examples of an invitation to “spearhead an initiative for the betterment of humanity?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

As you have already seen intuitively, we were referencing and praising the initiative you have taken in establishing the Lightworker Healing Protocol and coming to us for further clarity and definition of how to empower prayer to make it in the most effective possible. So we were simply explaining why these enhanced tools for healing and obtaining divine blessings are necessary, because of the rules and how things work in the interaction between humans in the physical and the divine realm. We, indeed, are here as a safety net and a backstop, but it is better to be a partner and be more active. That, you must request and know what you are about, to define the need and understand our capabilities, and enough to request specific approaches and application of healing strategies, ideally, to get the most effective and timely divine intervention to help you save your world and your place in things.