DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsCreator said that for every soul created, a matching twin flame is created as well. Does this mean every soul extension has a twin flame as well or only the soul itself? What is the point of creating twin flames at the soul level if soul extensions are excluded from the joys and benefits of having a perfect partner to share their existence with?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago
You will be gratified to learn that twin flames on a soul level have soul extensions as well and these become very closely allied with their corresponding counterparts arising from their own twin flame’s soul. This serves to keep things in balance. Keep in mind that the purpose of soul extensions, with respect to the human enterprise, is to take on new challenges in an arena of great difficulty and challenge, and for that reason, there must be some sacrifice to go into battle, so to speak, and give up personal comfort and pleasures oftentimes, because one is embroiled with a contest with evil, and it can be risky and harmful to the being, and one must be steadfast and have one’s wits at the ready always and there is little time for distractions of any kind. One must stay sharp and in the game, so to speak, to do one’s best and hold one’s own when up against an extremely powerful adversary or group of adversaries, as is the case in what you face as a human being. But that does not mean a twin flame relationship cannot exist for human soul extensions, only that the coming together might be restricted to only happen during sojourns in the light in between incarnations when taking on rough duty as in the earth plane. So you need not worry that you are being shortchanged, being a meager soul extension and not a full-fledged soul, so to speak, and to make matters worse, being denied the glories of a twin flame romance and joy-filled experience in having a perfect mate for all of time to count on. This is planned to take place, for there to be a balancing, so soul extensions are created by the twin flame partners in cooperation so there will be a matched pair always being generated, and that is logical as well to keep things balanced and have comparable energies in play, and this is quite logical as well, that if love and love relationships are the norm and even important for normal functioning, to have a soul extension that has to settle for a second-tier stand-in for an ideal mate and love partner would be illogical except for short-term projects. So this is all seen to, that the soul extensions have a balanced existence as their potential from the outset in having a twin flame counterpart created in parallel to whom they will bond and be partners for eternity, because nothing else will approach the state of perfection represented by the twin flame partner.